South Malang Beach Holiday, Go Beaches!

Who doesn’t know Malang? This relatively dense City is famous for a holiday. With its neighboring town, Batu, Malang City has become the number one destination for Travelers traveling East Java.


It is the hub city for stunning destinations like Mt.Bromo, Beach at South Malang, etc. I was lucky enough to have a chance of exploring Malang for my year-end holidays. My friend who came from Jakarta invited me to join her traveling in Malang.

Day 1

It was early in the morning when I prepared myself for a Bike ride to Malang. Singosari District was the worst traffic I encountered during the journey. I got stuck for an hour going through that road.

Though, I managed to arrive on time. We had breakfast while discussing our destinations for her 2 days stay in Malang. It was then decided as day 1 we’d explore South Coast of Malang and day 2 destination was Batu Secret Zoo.

At around 12.00 p.m we departed with a car she had rented days earlier. It was 2 hours drive until we got to East Java’s South Lane Road. This newly built road is a gateway to explore tons of beaches in South Malang.

Bukit Teluk Asmara Beach

Teluk Asmara 23

Beautiful view

Of course, we wouldn’t be able to visit them all in a half day period. Our first destination was Bukit Teluk Asmara Beach. I recommended this one as our first destination because this is an exotic beach. I visited the beach a month earlier. I don’t want to gamble on which beach we would visit.

Although the sky was partially dark, it didn’t ruin the beauty of Teluk Asmara Beach.

Tomen Beach was the first we see after going down the hill. The water looks green and clear with sparks from the sunlight’s reflection.

The Island near the beach and the hills on both side have green jungle grows on top. It looks different from my last visit, they were dry as the dry season was still in effect. The waves got bigger too.

Many people were on the beach, it was the holiday season. Unlike my previous visit, I got the entire beach myself.

We then walked to the Bangsong beach. The water looks dark due to the decomposed part of trees that fell to the beach. Only that, more Islands we can find in Bangsong Beach. This makes it look exotic.

Teluk Asmara 20

Tomen Beach

Teluk Asmara 21

Eastern hIll at Tomen Beach


Teluk Asmara 05

East view

Watu Leter Beach

An hour later we continued the journey to the next beach, Watu Leter Beach. I haven’t been to this one. I was surprised that the beach is even more stunning. Plus, there was no one there. So we enjoyed the beach on our own.

The white sand on the beach is so tiny. It felt like we are stepping on flour. It has crystal clear water too that looks green from far. On the east are rocky hills, we can see Small Island with lush green on its top. Also a tall pointy shaped rocky Island in the middle of the sea.

On the west is where a flat looking rock resides. This is where the name comes from, Watu Leter means the Flat Rock.

Having a discussion on the smooth sand with our eyes looking at the beach is not a bad idea. There was nobody, literally, on the beach except the two of us. How cool is that!

Although the sky was full of dark cloud at the time, we could still enjoy this exotic beach.

We can also see Casuarinas trees that are planted nicely right before the beach. There are also toilets for visitors not far from the parking lot. Rooms for rent are also available for us to stay at night with relatively cheap price, IDR 100K per night.

Far West View

Small Island near the beach

Watu Leter Beach 21

East view

Batu Bekung Beach

Another beach to visit was Batu Bekung Beach. Unlike the beaches we visited before, Batu Bekung Beach is more to a rocky beach with huge waves. It is in line with some other beaches in the same location.

The facility in the area is quite complete. We saw food stalls and toilets right after we entered the beach area. They built prayer rooms too.

We could see some Gazebos near the beach. There is one that took our attention. It is located on a small beach facing sunset with two large hills clam the beach.

So we got down from the car and ran to this rocky beach. At first, I was not impressed by the scenery. Until I found a long natural pool right before the rocky line that borders the water with the land area.

The clear water of the pool was so tempting for anyone to swim. I wasted no time and start to swim. I guess it’s our traveling bonus. Cause I did not expect it. And so she was joining too.

We spent quite some time in the pool. Till the sunset approached. Then we headed to the sunset point I was talking about.

Too bad, there was already a couple occupying the gazebo. Anyway, we hunt sunset at the nearby location. But there was no sunset at all. The dark clouds covered the sun entirely. Not our lucky day.

Batu Bekung Beach 21

Batu Bekung Beach

Batu Bekung Beach 02

Sunset at Narrow Beach

Batu Bekung Beach 23

Swimming at Long Pool

Day 2

The next day we went to Jatim Park 2 that consists of Batu Secret Zoo, Animal Museum, and Eco Green Park. I’ve been there a long time ago. And I’m not really a fan of manmade destination. But anyway, I had to accompany my friend spending her time in Malang.

Batu Secret Zoo

Batu Secret Zoo is like a zoo with the concept of a walking tour through one fixed route. We cannot skip or get a shortcut route during our visit. For me, once is enough.

The good thing is that it exhibits many different types of animals from around the world. With good care and well-established cages. Unlike the Surabaya Zoo in Surabaya City, where many exotic animals found died in an odd manner.

It was crowded with tourists during our visit. We even had to crawl in a dense lane of the zoo route. Some lane is very narrow, especially the one in the Aquarium section.

It was dark, narrow and full of people. I couldn’t breathe properly. The smell of a mixing perfume and sweat of hundreds of people had made me a headache.

Batu Secret Zoo 01

With my little cousin

Batu Secret Zoo 02

Giant Tortoise

Batu Secret Zoo 03

Cute white snake

Museum Satwa or Animal Museum

Then we continue to the Animal Museum that has a big Greek style building. It is giant, literally. Inside is the exhibition of dead animals in big dioramas. It was nice to see those dead animals in living poses, especially animals that are not found in the zoo.

There are many sections that we need to go through the museum. The scene is similar to The Natural History Museum in New York, the U.S. So I guess it’s not bad.

Museum Satwa 01


Museum Satwa 02


Eco Green Park

The third location is the Eco Green Park, another 2.8 Ha area we needed to walk through. I was giving up. I still had my 3 hours journey home. And I had less energy to spend. But then I agreed to walk in.

I guess my exhausted body would be the only thing I remember in this journey. They actually have a small electric bike for rent. But it’s too expensive, so we skipped it.

What we can see in Eco Green Park is the big monument that resembles ancient Javanese temples like Borobudur, Prambanan, and others which has fountain and pond surrounding it. Then we will see an art exhibit that made of trash like giant elephant made of old TVs.

Next thing is Bird Park, Giant Birds like Ostrich and Casuari Birds. Then we can see many other birds from around the world. There is also Water Park in it, which mainly for children.

What else? Hm… Upside Down House, Mirror House, Cafes, Disaster Simulation House and many other attractions. I got my energy drained in the end, feeling like I almost die.

So then we split up at the nearby location, a place where she can get a Grab service, and I can start my journey home. The end.

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